What Are Pencil Christmas Trees

If you search Christmas tree images, you will likely come across trees of many shapes and sizes: tall, short, full, slim, and sizes in between. Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way from the aluminum trees that Charlie Brown has to choose from. One tree shape that has gained popularity is the artificial pencil Christmas tree. A pencil tree is defined by its slim shape. These trees come in many heights ranging from four feet to 16 feet. It is the bottom diameter that defines a pencil trees: diameters ranging from 19 inches to 23 inches constitutes a pencil tree.

Because of the trees very slim shape, Pencil trees are very popular for small spaces. Urban and apartment living, where floor space is scarce, is a perfect spot for a pencil tree. You may also see pencil trees used as second or third Christmas trees decorating the entryway to a home (outside or inside). Businesses use pencil trees for this reason as well. It offers a cheery decoration without taking up precious floor space.

Pencil trees are both real and artificial. Did you know evergreen trees such as the Italian Cypress are considered a “real” pencil tree. You will see these types of trees used in landscaping along pathways, next to front entrances, or used for privacy.
Artificial pencil trees are a common shape and available for sale online and in stores. These trees can look like fir, spruce, pine trees. They can be flocked with snow or have multi-colored needles.

Artificial pencil trees range in price from $40 and up. The price of the tree depends on the type of needle, tree height, and the features the tree offers. Just like other artificial Christmas trees, pencil trees come in many options.
Besides different heights, branch types, and lighting features, pencil trees can have variety of other features. While most pencil trees come with a metal stand, some pencil trees feature a pot for a finished look. Some pencil trees offer a spiral type topiary look. Other pencil trees offer shiny metallic tinsel instead of traditional branches.

For this article, we were unable to find any pencil trees that were fully pre-decorated. While a good majority of pencil trees on the market are pre-lit, very few have any decor attached. A few pencil trees may have smaller décor attached such as pine cones or small artificial berries. Pencil trees with this décor were usually less than 5 ft in height.

Setting up a pencil tree is similar to setting up any artificial tree. Many smaller pencil trees require no assembly at all. They come out of the box fully assembled. These are usually less than 4 feet in height. Larger pencil trees will require assembly and come in pieces. Assembling these trees will include building the tree with a center pole and constructing the stand. There are a couple of pencil trees available on the market that are collapsible which requires less assembly.

Easy Treezy Slim trees are not pencil trees, but due to their slim size, these trees can fit in small spaces like a pencil tree. Easy Treezy Christmas trees are either Slim (30-36 inches bottom width) or Narrow (46-54 inches bottom width). Easy Treezy 5.5 ft trees are 30 inches wide at the base and can come fully decorated. If you are looking for a nice tree to fit such a space, check out our 5.5 ft Slim Easy Treezy line up.

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