Slim vs Narrow Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees come in many shapes and sizes. Pencil, Slim, Narrow, Full, Upside down, and Half trees are just a handful of shapes that a person can choose from. The two most popular sizes for artificial Christmas trees are Slim and Narrow. Those terms can be confusing. Is a Narrow tree thinner than a Slim tree or is it the other way around? This article can take some of the questions out of Christmas tree shape terminology.

What is the difference between a slim and narrow tree?

The Slim Christmas Tree

Slim Christmas trees have a smaller diameter at the base than a Narrow Christmas tree. This means that Slim sized trees are thinner than their Narrow cousin. Slim trees usually have a base diameter ranging from 29-40 inches. The base diameter will depend on the height of the tree which can range from 5 feet to 12 feet.

Slim artificial Christmas trees are a great choice when you have limited floor space for a Christmas tree. This size tree will do well in a small or medium-sized family room or living room. They can also fit nicely as a second tree in a formal dining room to add extra beauty during a holiday meal. Don’t forget that larger indoor entryways can be another great spot to place a slim Christmas tree for added grandness for your entrance.

Here at Easy Treezy, we love getting customer photos of how our slim Christmas trees are used. One customer placed her slim Christmas tree on her grand piano. It was really a unique way to add Holiday cheer to her music room.

The Narrow Christmas Tree

Narrow artificial Christmas trees are wider at the base than a slim Christmas tree. Don’t let their name fool you! While the term Narrow is an industry standard, some folks use the term “Full” to describe this size of Christmas tree too. Narrow trees usually have a base diameter of about 44-54 inches for a 7.5 ft Christmas tree. Again, this will depend on the tree height. A taller tree may have a larger base to ensure the tree shape is full.

Narrow artificial Christmas trees are a fantastic choice when you have more space to place a tree this size. Narrow Christmas trees do well placed in large family rooms or living rooms. The key for this size tree is to ensure it has sufficient space. If you place this tree in a space that is too small, it will look crowded. It is important to note that if your ceiling height just fits a Narrow tree, it will also probably look cramped.

Our customers love our Easy Treezy Narrow trees. These trees set up super EASY and fast. From our basket potted tree to pre-decorated Narrow trees, our customers love how these full trees set up and allow the holidays to begin. Our customers send images of our Narrow Easy Treezy trees in living rooms, family rooms, churches and businesses.

What is the cost difference?

If you are comparing two trees of the same makeup, but one is Slim and one is Narrow, usually the Narrow tree will cost more. Narrow trees have more branches, lights, and other components that make it cost more to manufacture. It is best to choose a Slim or Narrow tree that fits your budget but also has all the features you like. Make sure to consider light count, branch count, branch material, and manufacture size when making your choice.

This is true for Easy Treezy Slim and Narrow trees. Our Slim trees are less expensive than our Narrow trees. This is because there is more material and components required in manufacturing a Narrow Christmas tree.

How do I find out if a tree is slim or narrow?

The best way to determine if a Christmas tree is slim or narrow is to look for the tree specs and measurements. Most online websites will list tree sizes: height and base diameter. Take into account these two measurements when choosing which tree is right for you. When in store, look at the tag on the tree to find out tree measurements. If it is not easily found on the tag, you can also check the tree package or box to find out if the tree is Slim or Narrow.

Easy Treezy Christmas trees have these measurements clearly on our website so you can choose the right tree for your space.

What size tree is right for me?

It is important to measure your space to find out which size is right for you. You may want a Narrow tree, but it may not fit the space you plan to place it. On the other hand, if you choose a Slim tree and the space is too big for it to fill, it may look lost.

First, choose the spot where you plan to have your tree stand during the holidays. Next, get a tape measure and measure the floor space. Does that space fit the base diameter of the tree you would like? Are there other items like furniture or bookshelves that may squish tree in its space? Last, measure the space between your floor and ceiling. Remember that there should be some space between the tree top and the ceiling to give it a balanced look. Take into account any tree topper you plan to use.

Easy Treezy Slim and Narrow Trees

Easy Treezy is proud to offer both Slim and Narrow artificial Christmas trees for our customers. Our Slim and Narrow trees come both Pre-lit Undecorated and Pre-lit and Pre-decorated. Easy Treezy slim trees range in height from 5.5 ft to 7.5 ft with bottom diameters measuring 30-36 inches. Easy Treezy Narrow trees come in a height of 7.5 ft with bottom diameters ranging from 44-54 inches.

Now it is time for you to choose what tree size fits best for you! Make you holiday easier by selecting a pre-decorated Slim or Narrow Christmas tree. If you like to decorate your own, there are many choices of our Pre-lit undecorated trees that set up in a snap, and are ready to decorate for the season.

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