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Easy Treezy Assemble Quickly & Easily


Light-Weight & Easy Single-Person Setup

Our artificial Christmas tree is 65% lighter than traditional Christmas trees. Because we have removed the heavy steal center pole and used light-weight durable plastic, Easy Treezy is very easy to set up with just one person. No more fighting heavy metal branches or scraping your arms, Easy Treezy takes the headaches out of Christmas trees!

Easy Flat Storage Options

Easy Treezy is super easy to store. The lay-flat cone technology allows you to store it under a bed, lay on a shelf, or hang in a closet. Both Designer and Natural collection Christmas trees can store with the ornaments attached. Decorate it once and never decorate it again, or buy it pre-decorated! It will be the easiest tree to store that you have ever owned!

Kid & Pet Friendly - No Tipping Over!

Ever worried about your pet or kids tipping over your Christmas tree? Traditional Christmas trees, with their tiny, unstable bases are SUPER easy to tip over. Easy Treezy’s patented cone design has a wide stable base. It has been pet and kid tested and is EXTREMELY difficult to tip over. Stop worrying about the holidays, enjoy them instead with a durable, stable Easy Treezy artificial Christmas tree!

Lifelike Needles

Our PE/PVC blend of needles is modeled after real Christmas trees and look so beautiful it is life-like. You don’t have to give up the beauty of nature to have the convenience of an artificial Christmas tree. Just give Easy Treezy a test and see your yourself!

Pre-Decorated Option

Yes, Easy Treezy’s Designer collection is the WORLD’S first beautifully pre-decorated and pre-lit artificial Christmas tree that ships pre-decorated! Our hand-selected, designer chosen décor is unbelievably gorgeous and comes pre-attached. Your Easy Treezy artificial Christmas tree is ready to go, right out of the box!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are Easy Treezy trees?

Easy Treezy Christmas trees vary in size and height:

- 5.5 ft Slim Easy Treezys are 65 inches from floor to top. The bottom diameter of the tree, tip to tip, is 30 inches. These trees weigh between 14 - 17 lbs.

-7.5 ft Slim Christmas trees are 90 inches from floor to top. The bottom diameter of these trees is 36 from tip to tip. Depending on if the tree has attached decor or is natural, the weights range from 29-35 lbs.

-7.5 ft Standard Christmas trees are 90 inches from floor to top. The bottom diameter of narrow trees range from 48-54 inches tip to tip depending on the SKU. Slim Easy Treezy Christmas trees 7.5 ft in height and weigh between 40-43 lbs.

Are Easy Treezy trees heavy?

Easy Treezy cone system allows our trees to be made from durable, lightweight plastic. The cone system allows the tree to be set up in sections making it easy for one person to assemble. Total tree weight depends upon size and type of tree.

Are Easy Treezy trees pre-lit?

Yes, almost all Easy Treezy Christmas trees are pre-lit. Each tree has a different number of lights. You can check light count on each tree to see what the amount is for that tree. We have one Un-lit Easy Treezy that would allow you to place your own lights on this tree.

What type of lights are on the trees?

Most trees come with only warm white LED lights. Light counts vary by tree. Easy Treezy also offers three trees with color changing lights. These lights can change between warm white and multi-color. They also have 8 settings that allow lights to change and blink. Bulbs sizes and shapes also vary on a few trees. Each tree on our website is labeled with the type and color of lights available for that tree. We can not change or add lights to any tree.

Do the trees come with décor?

Yes, our pre-decorated trees come with attached decor. Most decor is wired on so it should not come off. Decor stays on during storage. All decorated trees are also pre-lit. Take the tree out of the box, stack, plug it in and you are done in minutes!

Can I leave décor on my Easy Treezy?

Yes, whether it is a pre-lit natural tree or pre-decorated tree that you add extra decor to, you may leave your decor on the tree during storage. We do not recommend leaving decor or ornaments that are fragile, over-sized, or bulky.

Will Easy Treezy lean or tip over?

Easy Treezy’s artificial Christmas tree stability comes from its wide base. Unlike other Christmas trees, Easy Treezy has a wide base that is firmly planted on the floor. It is impossible to make lean, and tough to tip over. It has been fully tested with children and pets alike! Sit back and relax, your Easy Treezy Christmas tree is safe!

How does the tree assemble?

Easy Treezy’s revolutionary patented system is the easiest artificial Christmas tree to setup. Simply open the box and remove the sections. Flat panel sections will securely close using magnets. Once all once sections are made, stack the cone together, industrial magnets hold the tree firmly in place. We like to say, one, two, TREE!!! You can see how our Dsigner line assembles here. Classic, Pine, and Grand trees assemble similarly, but have our electro-magnetic system. This means there is only one plug to the wall and one to the topper - the remaining sections light via our strong magnets.

What is the electro-magnetic system on the Classic, Pine and Grand trees?

Our Pine, Classic, and Grand lines offer an easy and fast way to connect lights. The base section has a plug that plugs into a wall socket. The next two sections gain power by connecting the magnets when stacking the tree. Each time the magnets connect, the lights come on for that section. The tree topper has a very small phone jack like plug to finish it off. It is that easy! 

How do I store Easy Treezy?

Because of its patent-pending design, Easy Treezy has several convenient storage options. You can return your tree to its original packaging or store it flat under your bed or on a shelf. Easy Treezy storage bags provide a great solution to protect and store your tree. Storage bags will fit 7.5 ft trees and allow trees to hang in a closet. It is the easiest artificial Christmas tree to store and light enough to put away by yourself!

Is the height adjustable?

Currently the Classic, Pine and Grand trees do not offer an adjustable height option. The Designer collection offers the option to allow the tree to be used at different heights. If you purchase a 7.5 ft tree, you can also use it as a 5.5 ft or a 3.5 ft tree. If you purchase a 5.5 ft designer tree, you can use it as a 3.5 ft tree as well. No trees allow for additional sections to make the trees taller in height.

How many pieces of décor do the decorated tree come with?

- 5.5 ft Slim Pre-decorated trees have between 117-154 pieces depending on the style of tree.

- 7.5 ft Slim Pre-decorated trees come with 168-330 pieces of decor depending on the style of tree.

Will Easy Treezy last?

Yes! It may be the last artificial Christmas tree you ever buy! Easy Treezy is designed to withstand many holiday seasons. Made with durable materials and long-lasting LED lights, Easy Treezy will make Christmas memories with you for years to come.

See what our customers are saying about their Easy Treezy!

“The trees we ordered brought our dining room to life! They were a wonderful addition to our regular holiday decorations and it was so simple to set up. The trees come with ornaments and lights already attached….I unpacked and assembled both of these trees in less than 10 minutes total.”