Using Smaller Christmas Trees To Decorate Your Home

When most people think about decorating with a Christmas tree, they think about a full sized Christmas tree. 94 million Americans set up a Christmas tree in their home each year. While we love the cozy, Christmas feeling of that big, full sized tree. We are also nuts about decorating with smaller trees

Easy Treezy makes a 5.5 ft Designer Christmas tree that not only sets up really fast, but also is a versatile piece of decor for many spaces in your home. These trees make a great little main tree for smaller spaces. They also can be used in many ways to decorate your home. Here are four ways to decorate with smaller trees to bring more cheer to your holiday decorating this season!

Decorate your Dining Room with Christmas Trees

Add Holiday beauty to your dining room this season with small Christmas trees. Small trees can be placed on either side of the table on the wall to add festive flare and compliment a centerpiece. Make your holiday dining experience magical.

Christmas Trees On Each Side Of A Fireplace

A second option for small tree decorating is to place them around a hearth. By placing one tree on each side of your fireplace, you can create a visual Christmas card right in your own home. When you set smaller trees near the fireplace, ensure they are placed away from any flames and heat. Easy Treezy 5.5 ft Designer Pre-decorated Historic or Metallic trees are perfect for decorating this space. Since the beautiful decor is attached, all you have to do is set them up (60 seconds) and your fireplace is almost complete. Add an Easy Treezy wreath or garland to finish off the look.


Use small Christmas trees on top of tables

Decorate your table tops with a small Christmas tree. First, ensure your table is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the tree. Easy Treezy Christmas trees are much lighter than other traditional Christmas trees. This allows setting your tree on a table simple. The table should be flat so that your tree does not slide off. Easy Treezy’s have a cone system so they always stand flat – no tilting or leaning whether is it on the floor or on a table. Once your table is set add a festive cloth or table cloth to add some color and texture, and place your tree on the table. Easy Treezy makes three options in the 5.5 ft size that are perfect for tables. The Designer Natural Christmas tree is pre-lit and is beautiful out of the box. If you prefer to add decor, this tree is a perfect choice. Dont have time to decorate a second tree? Easy Treezy offers two pre-decorated options with elegant attached decor. Choose from the Designer pre-lit and pre-decorated Historic Easy Treezy with attached red, white and gold decor or  attached silver and gold decor with the metallic option.


Put a small Christmas tree in your child’s bedroom

If you have children and they love Christmas, what better way to let them get into the spirit than to have a small tree in their room. Small trees take up less space in children’s rooms making these trees the perfect fit. Children can decorate with holiday ornaments they are collecting or home made ornaments from school or craft projects. The 5.5 ft Designer Natural Easy Treezy’s make perfect trees for kids because they do not tip. The the cone system inside the tree makes these trees a sturdy choice.. Many children can assemble them on their own. These trees are pre-lit as well so kiddos are not messing with stringing lights.


An Extra Christmas Tree For Your Home

Having a second Christmas tree in your home is probably one of the best ways to dazzle your guests. A small size tree can add brightness to a space where a full size tree would not fit. While many people like to decorate their full sized family tree with keepsake ornaments, a second small tree can allow for creative juices to flow. Decorating that second tree in your favorite color themed decor making it, for example, a white Christmas tree, add simple farm house christmas decorations, create a modern Christmas tree, or leave it natural with just white lights.Dont have time to decorate a second tree? That is where the Pre-lit and Pre-decorated Easy Treezy designer trees come in handy. Just assemble them in 60 seconds, plug them in, and that corner space is now decked for the Holidays!

Put a Christmas tree in entry way or at the base of a staircase

Adorn an entryway or staircase with a small tree or several trees. By placing or clustering small trees in an entry way or near a staircase this adds decoration to the space your guests see when they enter. Even smaller entryways can look dressed up with a small tree.



Smaller Christmas trees offer much versatility and decorating options. They offer twinkling lights in a corner that may not fit a full tree. Small trees bring joy to those young, old and in between. Where can you decorate with a small tree this year? Be sure to submit your photos to us at

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