Need Assitance? We want to help.

Easy Treezy customer support is available to assist you via phone, chat, or email. You can also view the following videos which may help to solve the issue you are be experiencing.

Easy Treezy Assembly

Need help assembling your Easy Treezy? This video will show you how your tree assembles and lights.

Shaping Your Tree Branches

Watch this video to see how to shape the tree’s branches and how to fill any gaps.

Lighting Your Tree

Most Easy Treezy trees are lit through our magnet system. This video shows how to properly align the magnets to light your tree.

Plugging In The Tree

If your tree does not light at all, this video shows how you can check the plug connection.

Tree Partially Lights

Is your Easy Treezy only partially lighting? Watch this video to see how to check connections in the tree to ensure your tree fully lights up.