Christmas Tree
Rental Program

The easiest way to decorate!

This holiday season, Easy Treezy is revolutionizing the holidays with our rental service. Experience the magic of Christmas without the stress of getting a tree out of storage, dealing with tangled lights and spending hours decorating a tree. Meet our Rentable Easy Treezy Christmas Trees, your hassle-free ticket to festive cheer! Imagine a beautifully adorned, pre-decorated, easy to set up Christmas tree delivered straight to your doorstep, ready to spread joy and warmth in your home.


Why Rent An Easy Treezy?

Because it’s the easiest way to decorate for the holidays! Say goodbye to the hassle of buying, setting up, and disposing of a Christmas tree. Renting a tree from Easy Treezy guarantees a stress-free and joy-filled holiday experience.


No need to spend hours shopping for a tree, finding ornaments and décor that match, decorating it, then taking it all down and storing it. Simply select one of our stylish Easy Treezy designs and will be delivered to your door pre-decorated and ready to shine.

Pre-Decorated Easy Setup

Easy Treezy’s quick setup design allows you to put the tree up in just minutes. Did we mention our trees come fully pre-decorated and pre-lit right out of the box? This saves a huge amount of time allowing for quick, no-hassle, holiday decorating….and a beautiful tree!

Designer Décor & Styles

Choose from a variety of tree sizes and styles that suits your taste. Whether you prefer classic decorations or a modern, minimalist look, your tree is going to look fabulous! Our décor and ornaments create a designer look that will wow both you and your guests.


Pre-Decorated, Commercial Sizes
& Custom Designed Christmas Trees

Easy Treezy is the only tree that comes fully decorated. Our designer décor comes pre-attached to the tree, eliminating the time and hassle of decorating, while ensuring that you have a fabulous looking tree! Our trees are available in various sizes and we offer multiple designs, ranging from traditional Christmas styles, to modern, trendy, and over-the-top décor or color schemes. Our designers can even create custom designed trees to match your unique brand or the style of your commercial space.

How Our Rental Program Works

Enjoy a stress-free holiday season with a pre-decorated, easy setup Christamas tree delivered to your door.

Select & Order Your Tree

The first step is to check the current availability for our rental service in your area. If we are able to deliver to your area, you can then select your desired tree size and style from our curated collection.

Delivery & Easy Setup

Your tree will be delivered to your doorstep pre-decorated & ready for setup. With Easy Treezy’s quick setup design, you can easily set up your tree in minutes and immediately enjoy the festiveness in your space

End Of Season Pickup

After the holidays, pack the tree back in the shipping container provided. We’ll pick up the tree.


As Seen On TV & Trusted By Top Brands

Check Availability In Your Area

Fill out the contact form below with a brief message about where you are located and your Christmas tree needs. We will get back to you with details about our rental services currently available in your area.