4 Things to Consider Before You Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

Here at Easy Treezy, we like to consider ourselves ‘experts’ at this whole Christmas thing, especially when it comes to artificial trees. We’ve done all the research, found the best, brightest and most beautiful, but what if you’re not an expert?

Here are 4 important questions to ask before you choose an artificial Christmas tree (which we highly recommend btw):

1. What style tree do you want?

Do you imagine your tree looking fresh from the farm, or slightly snow kissed? Or do you want something stylish and modern? You can find a variety of styles and designs, so think about what fits your home best. (Pro-tip: Needles are very important, no matter the style. Be sure to get highly realistic PE or PVC needles that will look realistic in a natural looking tree and are also highly durable for a stylistic one.)

2. How much of an investment do you want to make and how long do you want it to last?

Trees range from $50 to several thousands. It’s not always a ‘get what you pay for’ so take a few minutes to do some research, either on the internet or by asking at the store.

3. How tall do you want your tree to be?

Check back soon for a post about finding the perfect tree height. A quick rule of thumb is to choose an artificial Christmas tree that is one foot from your ceiling.

4. What kind of lights do you prefer?

Do you like colorful lights, or classic white, should they (as my 4-year old says) dance? Investing in a pre-lit tree is an important factor in your lights. It can be a real time-saver during the holidays, and who couldn’t use some extra time, but be sure to see if the wires are visible and know your preference. (Pro-tip: Always get a tree with ‘burn-out protection’, then if you lose one bulb, you won’t lose them all!)

By asking yourself these questions before you choose an artificial Christmas tree, you’ll get a clear idea of what you want and that should make your search easier. We hope this information will help you enjoy many holiday seasons beside the tree that is absolutely perfect for you.